Monday, 28 November 2011

Did you know?

Alright, so this app is pretty straight forward. Everyone has that friend that knows a lot of useless, random, weird, odd and/ or funny facts. Where the heck do they find these?

Maybe they watch a lot of Jeopardy or study Trivial Pursuit cards constantly. If you want to be the one that busts out the facts or just have them handy for when your friend uses you for the call a friend life line, download - Weird Facts.

It just brings you through facts that you can then post to Facebook or Twitter, text to a friend or e-mail it to someone.

"There are more plastic flamingos in the US than real ones."


Monday, 14 November 2011

The app that made me happy this week.

On May 31, 2012 I will be listening to Roger Waters make my ears smile.  Alright, that kind of sounds creepy/weird, but I will be listening to The Wall and be beyond overjoyed.

 The handy app that helped me to get tickets without standing in the hallway at school at 10 o'clock swearing at a busy signal and end up with no tickets to the sold out show was the Live Nation app.

So I took part in some presale action. They have more presales on the app than on their site, with no password necessary!

You can set alerts so you are told when new presales start, new concerts are announced in your area or when artists you have selected under your favourites announce a show.

As soon as you download the app, it takes the artists from your iPhone, iPad or iPod's music library and puts them in your favourites. You can then take out ones you don't want, or add any that you would like.

When you go to any of your favourite artists, or ones that you search, you can check out their set lists at previous shows. Once you're on a set list you can preview songs and go straight to iTunes to buy them.

You can also post anything from the app straight to Facebook and Twitter.

Another sweet thing, although this is mainly helpful for if you're running late or not going to a concert is you can check out what's going on at the show while it's happening. What time the artist took the stage and a live set list can both be found on the app.

So I bought my tickets and checked out my view right from the app. Sounds like this app is going to be dangerous for my student budget.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Stumble Time!

Today I'm going going to talk about the magical boredom killing app - Stumbleupon.

If you don't want to kill time with random games or creeping that girl you sat behind in second semester in high school on Facebook, this app will be pretty handy for you.

The first thing you do when you open this app is go through a list of around one hundred possible interests. Art, books, crafts, cats, travel, advertising, bio and sooo on..

Then, you can either click on Start Stumbling or one specific topic.

If you click one topic a random page will open dealing with said topic - an article, video, picture, review or blog.

If you'd like a wider verity of entertainment click Start Stumbling. That will also bring you to articles, videos, pictures and so on, but will be more random, going through all of the interests you chose.

When you're on a page that you like, you can give it a thumbs up so you can get other pages like that. You can also e-mail it to someone, put it on Twitter or Facebook, open it with Safari, send it to Stumbler or bookmark it to "read it later."

If you don't like it, you can mark it as "not for me" or even block the specific website that came up, not just the specific article.

I've spent quite a bit of time on this app, but I don't consider it a waste of time. You're really learning a lot about topics that actually interest you. :D

Download it for sure. It's Free!