Monday, 5 December 2011


I probably use 7 apps a day. Today, as I'm supposed to be studying, I think I've used forty. The games that I have uploaded today aren't even that fun, and I'm not good at them and yet I found myself playing them for far to long.

Sooo.. the only good one I found in my search through the top 50 free apps was World Hardest Game. So good I even paid for the 99 cent version.. ha.

The game is a series of mini games starting with easy, going to medium and finishing up with crazy. Now don't get too intimidated, because it's not thaaat crazy.

The games are all about reaction time and speed, which doesn't sound that fun, but check it out, at least the free version!

Buuuut CreCommers and other students.. wait until the end of this week or whenever your exams are done - the game is addicting and perfect for procrastination :D