Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Paperless Paper

There are endless news sources online. Websites, apps, Twitter. If you have a smart phone, iPod touch or you're near a computer, (like you probably are right now!) they're all at your fingertips. Some websites have a paywall, but the majority are free.. so why would/do you read a physical newspaper?

On Friday, All first year Creative Communications students went to see a documentary on the New York Times. A fair sized portion of it was about newspapers going out of business. People can get their news elsewhere so the business' are going bankrupt. It's no wonder. Although I do once in a while like reading a physical paper better (oo nostalgia.. Saturday comics) it's just so handy to be able to find exactly what you want on your phone. There's countless apps too.

 I personally use Winnipeg Headlines, which has 12 different news outlets on one app. With the top headlines of today and yesterday it keeps me pretty up to date. (Don't judge the app from my Journalism quiz marks)

This kind of sounds like I don't care that newspapers are going under, which is completely untrue. Not only will commercials for breakfast cereals be altered since dad won't be reading the paper while the child enjoys his sugar in a bowl, but journalism as we know it will be beyond altered. That's crazy!

 I can't imagine what it would be like to be one of those having to make the switch from writing at a newspaper for most of your life then have to shift to the web. Times are changing, it's very evident, it's just odd to see. As much as I'd like to see the paper stick around, I'm honestly not going to purchase them. It's a huge part of history and made media what it is today. But that's just it. It's..sadly.. history.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Dude, where's my phone?

Are you forgetful as can be or do you get trashed and misplace things on the regular? This app won't help with your purse, wallet or dignity, but it will help you locate your precious lost iPhone. 

"Find my iPhone" is an app designed to lock and/or locate your iPhone. You can also send messages to your phone, which would come in quite handy if some loser decided jack it from you. :D

Of course I tried this app, not only because of this blog, but it just seemed neat-o! It works like a dream. 

I had forgotten my phone at a friends and the tracker said her exact address when I "searched" for it from her computer. The messages option is also sweet. Many hateful, rude messages can be sent straight to your phone if someone happened to take it. Or you could send one with a number to call if someone found it and was actually planning on returning it, you're golden. 

If you have an iPhone, and care about your iPhone, which I assume, since they are wonderful inventions, I recommend downloading the app -- and it's FREE :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Poor students love food too

So I've been thinking I should start inventing apps. Not that they would be overly useful or would ever make a profit, but I would download this one for sure.

I'm in school, I pay rent, I have a car, cell phone and I just like buying things, so I'm broke. I also like eating at various dining establishments.

I can't really explain the look on my face when I walk into Subway and a sub I like is their sub of the day, and I can only assume you're overcome with joy when the similar case happens to you. Why not have this happen constantly and not only at Subway?

Tons of places have food specials on certain days of the week.. and I would have every day of the week filled with all of the establishments and their bargains. Of course directions too, but that's assumed with an app at this point. Goal for the end of the year.. have this chart good and full!

- Pizza Hotline extra large 2 topping pizza for 6.99 +tax (pick-up only)
- Gorbonzo's buy one get one pizza's (dine-in only)
- Moxie's wing night $.34 each
- Smitty's wing night
- Twofer Tuesday at Sals on a veriety of items
- Boston Pizza's Pasta Tuesday $6.95
- Whopper Wednesday $1.99 (That's my boyfriends contribution)
or $4.99 for the meal.
Smitty's wing night
Friday - TBA    ? :D

Monday, 12 September 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Some first year Cre Comm students were introduced to Twitter last week. I had been on it, but not at much as I am now! (Oh, I creep it hard) When it first came out I never understood the point. I thought of it as the status portion of Facebook. In ways I like it more now than FB.

If people I don't know follow me on Twitter, I'm not creeped out like when randoms add me on FB. People aren't (as) offended if you're friends and not following each other. You get less "OMG soooooo drunk RiGhT nOw!!!1 <3<3 vodkaaa" updates.. and when you do, it's easier to unfollow someone than the slight process to unfriend someone.

We were asked which app we like best for Twitter. I honestly wouldn't even think to try another one other than the actual Twitter app, if I wasn't doing a blog about apps....

It's super easy to use, even though I wasn't very familiar with Twitter. I don't sit here and yell at my phone like I tend to do with other social networking apps. (cough cough Facebook)

It's also just as easy to edit your profile, send direct messages and tweet as it is on a computer.
I would love to know which ones you creep on through out the day :D

Monday, 5 September 2011

"What the Heck is an App?!"

My father seems to think he knows a lot about technology.

"My Internet doesn't work because you have MSN on there!"

And in more recent years..

"My computer shut down because you were on that Facebook garbage!"  And a couple weeks ago..

"What the heck is an APP?!"

I actually had to think about a good way to break it down for him or anyone. I started off by saying it's an application.

"Well.. what does it do?" he asked.

Well, there's almost an app for everything! There's games, how-to's, entertainment, news sources and many more options. An app can do almost anything.. but not one app can do everything.

That answer just received a confused look and he brought it up again a couple days later.

"So.. It's a program?" he questioned. Actually, dad, it kind of is! An app is a software program, a special type of software program. The term app is commonly used to refer to software on a smartphone or mobile device and that is the type I am currently referring to as well.

Now, I think there are quite a few ways you can make this what I'm going to call "explain to your parents friendly," these are the two I have gone with;

1. A program that is made for specific websites or functions, from anything from games to news. (Like I previously stated,) not all apps do everything, but they are all designed for their own purpose. You can compare it to having a short cut on your desk top on your computer, but what the app will bring you to is a smartphone friendly version of the site.
Perhaps chuck a couple examples in there like Google, an alarm clock, locating your car in a parking lot and finding recipes.

2. You can explain it the way The American Dialect Society did when they named the term 'app' the word of the year for 2011.

"The shortened slang term for a computer or smart phone application."

Helpful. If all else fails.. do what I plan on doing, buy them an iPod touch for their Birthday, so they can play bejeweled and figure it all out.. after all, he does know "everything" about technology. 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Beginning

Hey there!

Everyone has heard of an App, right? Do you know what one is? Do you know what an App is capable of or which ones are even worth the 15 second upload? Has your mom or that uncle you only see twice a year at gatherings asked you “what the heck is an App?”

I plan on helping you out with these issues and more. The App is going to be around for a long time, so we might as well use them to our complete advantage.