Sunday, 8 January 2012

$0.99 for a little nostalgia

Twist-it Pull-it Pass-it!

Who didn't love gathering around with the siblings or cousins and playing reaction-time-testing game - Bop it? Even though I was the youngest and rarely got a turn, it's still quite a staple in my childhood.

I've been on a bit of a board game binge recently, so I decided to check what the app store had to offer in this category.

Habsro's Bop it baby!

Everyone brings their Bop it to amusement parks...

You can play solo or multi player, as a team or head-to-head. There's also several different ways to play..

There classic, which of course is the OG. You pick  2-4  out of Bop it, twist it, pull it, spin it and flick it, then follow what the voice says on Bop it. There's other things like shout it, tilt it, pop it, shake it... all of which I have yet to unlock.

You can also just have the sound effect go off so you know what to do, without the annoying voice who makes fun of you when you lose. You can also turn off the insults if you like the voice.

The Basic way of playing is a rhythm challenge. It calls up one of the 5 options and not only do you have to hit it, but you earn more points by doing so on the beat.

Blitz is a bit ridiculous when you haven't played in years, which is just all 5 options on the screen and you follow what the voice says. Pretty much like classic, but harder.. thus, more embarrassing. 

Extreme! Starts off with just Bop it, then the others build on to the screen ending with the same game as Blitz. Gradual embarrassment at least.

Then for the multiplayer there's 
- Basic, but then pass it comes into play
- Extreme, passsss it
- Head 2 Head - Where you lay the app device down and two people play while facing each other. It's set up the same as classic, but the screen is split into two colours. When you do something right on your side, you get a point. If you mess up on your side, the other person receives a point.
- Blitz Challenge. Its Blitz, but it will keep up to 10 peoples scores to see who did the best.

And after all of should probably just get it, because the rhythm is just like you remember it.

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