Friday, 20 January 2012

Speaking of #Wiki..

haha..hash tag in title. Whata weirdo.

So as most of the web searching world knows, Wikipedia was a big ol' black out for 24 hours on the 18. The stop online privacy act - SOPA - situation was getting in the way of my searching, so I did the usual, check for an app.

Seems strange that I never checked for one before for Wikipedia.. but I found one!

Wikipedia Mobile

Pretty simple, a few sweet features..

The obvious one that prompted the search is that it wasn't blackedout. 

It's speedy and easy to use, so you won't, or shouldn't, find yourself swearing at it much.

You can save all of your search history. Find something awesome - save it 

But the part that I've wasted the most time on is "nearby." The app searches where you are using your phones location and pins anything near you that has been added to Wiki. Not actually thaaaat awesome in Winnipeg, but I think it would be pretty cool and handy for traveling. 

Oh, hey, just like the original, it's free 

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