Friday, 13 January 2012

What the heck is kik?

I asked this question yesterday on Facebook as 17 people had...

kik - "hghifhkfe" <----insert user name there

as their status.

The anwer I recieved was   "lol for idiots." - Shane Neufeld

Funny answer, surprisingly not helpful.

Turns out it's BBM, but for all smartphones. I've never had BBM, as the iPhone was my first smartphone, but I still don't see why it's thaaaaat awesome.

When I got my iPhone, I never understood why everyone was obsessed with BBM. Heck, when I had my little sqare phone that struggled to connect to the internet I still never understood.

The main thing that makes it worth the download for me, is that you can download the app Sketchee to use through Kik, which is drawing in an ms paint like way, and you can send your "art work" to the other person.

Reminds me of, like I said, Paint
and also of msn (when I thought it was cool) when they added the drawing feature.

You can also send emoticons, which I guess was a big part of BBM.

I can see why Blackberry or ex Blackberry users would be thrilled with this. Even more so the people that considered a Blackberry, mainly for BBM, then decided on an iPhone. You win, whoever you are.

There's other apps you can download to use through kik like games and what not. For sure worth the free download, but I don't see me using it more than text.

I dislike the "Erin is typing" message across the top, but it doesn't compare to how much I hate the "R" for read. I thought that was the stupidest feature about BBM. There was that ad for BBM with that chick that was supposed to be all tough and says something along the lines of "I love that you can see when people read your message. Just be real with me." Worst feature BBM, unless the person is a stalker. Then they probably love it. Weirdo.

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