Friday, 27 January 2012

Yelp is here to help

Who isn't attracted to a rhyming title?

So Yelp is one of my latest finds. This would be a really great app for travelling, but also super handy in your home town.

Want to find the nearest bar, restaurant, bank, gas station, drugstore (and so on)? Get Yelp. You can choose a category, such as the ones I just listed or tap "everything" which will let you see everything that's nearby from hotels to convenience stores.

Click on your selection and read/ write reviews, check out the price point, get directions, make a reservation, (where applicable) call there, bookmark their page, check in or look at pictures of the business of choice.

You have to make a profile when you download the app, but it take 20 seconds. But with that profile, you can chat with others in the area which could be pretty cool, or super creepy, when in a different city and what to know what to do.

You can even search something like - pizza - and choose the distance and price you're looking for and you're set.

Pretty dang cool and I know I'll be using it quite a bit. A lot of it is pretty similar to the Urbanspoon app, but with a few extra perks.


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